House Sponsorships

Help build a stronger community! Churches, businesses and organizations can become house sponsors by funding and building Habitat homes. Even families and individuals can sponsor a home. There are numerous ways to partner with Caldwell County Habitat to strengthen your team or mission outreach. From one day team building events to full house sponsorships and lots of opportunities in between. At Caldwell County Habitat we have a place for you!

Faith Build Sponsorships

Churches have always been an integral part of Caldwell County Habitat. Their partnerships over the years have built several Habitat homes.

Corporate Team Builds

Building a Habitat home is a great way to motivate employees to work together in a collaborative environment that builds a stronger community. Multiple team building opportunities are available, some come with a cost to the organization while others do not.

Women Build Sponsorships

Women from across our community came together in 2016 for Caldwell Habitat’s first ever Women Build. Through the efforts of more than 100 women volunteers along with local businesses and churches more than $85,000 was raised and a Habitat home was built in Caldwell County. In addition, $5,000 was sent to Habitat Guatemala where another home was built. Plans are now underway for our next Women Build.

In Honor/Memory of Sponsorships

We all know that person who gives unselfishly of themselves to help others. Building a Habitat home alongside the future homeowner is a wonderful way to honor that special someone in your life. Families, businesses, churches and individuals can sponsor a Habitat home in honor or in memory of that special person. Several sponsorship options are available.